SLOK 台灣 70%朱古力(全素)SLOK Chocolate -- 70% Taiwan 45g



朱古力和陳皮放在一起原來可以爆發出神奇的味道,Slok以香港少有的熟成技術將陳皮味道加入朱古力,兩種味道同樣突出,成功揉合本土特色 及可可豆風味。而且適合素食者食用。這個構思仲得到2021-22年International Chocolate Awards亞太賽區銅獎! 成份:可可、有機蔗糖、可可脂 產地:香港 本地Bean-to-Bar精品朱古力Slok Chocolate: SLOK 係由另一個好用心的香港年輕人創立的品牌,創辦人Sze Lok是一個黑朱古力狂熱愛好者,從Chocolate Lover到Taster,繼而由Hobby Maker轉化成為專業Chocolate Maker,透過反覆實驗、品嚐,選用特定烘焙程度及製作配方,研發能夠呈現不同可可豆獨特風味的產品。他的Single Origin Chocolate Bar及Drinking Chocolate,還有香港少有的Aroma-infused Bar;所有產品都是成份天然,只含可可及有機蔗糖,不含卵磷脂、添加劑或乳化劑,可謂絕對真材實料!而且朱古力味道仲係非一般,有小編從未想像過的組合,還得到2021-22年International Chocolate Awards亞太賽區特別美食獎項。 Tasting Note | Oolong Tea / Raisin / Plum Taiwan cacao bean is getting more and more attention in Bean to Bar. Especially in Pingtung, the southern area of Taiwan, which has lot of rainfall, warm temperature, and the growth of areca nut create shade for the cacao. All of each create an ideal environment for cacao growing. This bar is a 70% dark chocolate made with bean from Pingtung, a unique oolong tea note at the beginning, followed by raisin and plum, very complex and long lasting aftertaste. Ingredients | Cacao Beans / Organic Cane Sugar / Cacao Butter Nutrition Fact | Per 45g, Energy 266kcal, Protein 3.8g, Total Fat 18.3g, Saturated Fat 11.5g, Trans Fat 0g, Carbohydrates 21.1g, Fibre 5.7g, Sugars 13.5g, Sodium 0.1mg ​*No added lecithin or vanilla. Keep and store in cool dry place

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