Bostock Brothers 有機走地全雞(1.2公斤)Bostock Brothers Organic Free-Range Whole Chicken (1.2kg)



Bostock Brothers是紐西蘭唯一的有機雞肉生產商。他們的有機走地雞,每天都在綠草如茵的有機蘋果園中生長,令Bostock Brothers的有機雞肉質量更高,味道更好。 * 不含抗生素 * 不含激素 * 非基因改造 * 不含化學物質或氯 Bostock Brothers 有機走地雞由Ben和George Bostock兄弟擁有,他們的家庭一直熱衷導於有機農業,並專注於生產高品質產品。這些雞在陽光燦爛的Hawke’s Bay有機蘋果園中自然生長,餵食由Bostock Brothers自己種植而經過認證的有機飼料。所以他們的有機雞比紐西蘭一般傳統的走地雞壽更長壽,更快樂。 此外 Bostock Brothers環保意識極高,致力為子孫後代保護土地。Bostock Brothers採用植物製成的可堆肥包裝袋,在泥土中分解速度更快。 Bostock Brothers是紐西蘭唯一一家用氣冷方式處理雞隻的雞肉生產商,所有雞肉都以雞肉天然方式處理,沒有接觸化學物質或氯。另外, 他們致力於動物福利,並確保他們的雞隻可以在翠綠的牧場上過著美好的生活。 產地:紐西蘭 Bostock Brothers organic free-range chickens roam freely on fresh green grass on organic apple orchards in new zealand. as a result, the meat is better formed, it’s higher quality and superior tasting. Bostock Brothers Chicken is New Zealand’s only Organic Chicken producer and is: Antibiotic-Free Hormone-Free GMO-Free Chemical-Free & Chlorine-Free Bostock Brothers organic free-range chicken is owned by brothers, Ben and George Bostock who have a family passion for organic farming and focus on producing quality products. their organic chickens live longer, happier lives than any other conventional free range chickens in new zealand. the chickens grow naturally on their apple orchard in sunny hawke’s bay and are fed only certified organic feed that the brothers grow themselves. They focus on the environment and protecting the land for future generations. bostock brothers chicken is packaged in home compostable packaging that is made from plants and breaks down faster. Bostock Brothers is the only chicken producer in new zealand which air chills its chicken. this means the chicken is totally natural and has no chemicals or chlorine. they are committed to animal welfare and ensure their chickens live a good life on fresh green pasture. Origin: New Zealand

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