Aroma Quotient 防曬乳液 (30毫升)Sunscreen Lotion (30ml)



Aroma Quotient防曬乳液係全天然物理防曬產品,可以吸收UVA和UVB射線,防止紫外線對皮膚造成的傷害, 仲係100% FDA認可,加上具有天然防UV功能的全天然植物底油,玫瑰花水作主要成份及保濕精華,用後令膚色更均勻亮白!防曬乳霜加入透明質酸,有長效的保濕功能,每次搽防曬都令肌膚飲飽水,防曬同時保濕,重點係非常清爽唔油膩! 而且物理性防曬成分安全性及穩定性較高,唔會滲入肌膚,刺激程度低,不易引起過敏。 使用方法:取少量於指尖,使用保濕霜後輕輕塗抹於整個面部和頸部。 有效成分:芝麻油、有機蘆薈油、有機玫瑰奧托純露、透明質酸、共聚物、氧化鋅、有機薰衣草純精油。 關於 Aroma Quotient: 他們的核心信念是避免在產品中使用人造香料、合成香料和所有不必要的成分,只使用最有效和最基本簡單的成分。 AQ’s Sunscreen lotion contains Zinc Oxide, it absorbs both UVA and UVB rays, protect against sunburn and other damage to skin caused by ultraviolet light, approved for use as a sunscreen by FDA. With precious organic Rose Otto Hydrosol and Hyaluronic Acid, they moisture your skin and also protect your skin at the same time. Can be used as daily make up base. To Use : Apply small amount on finger tips, gently spread on entire face and neck after moisturizer. Active Ingredients : Sesame Oil, Organic Aloe Oil, Organic Rose Otto Hydrosol, Hyaluronic Acid, Copolymer, Zinc Oxide, pure essential oil of Organic Lavender. About Aroma Quotient ~ the intelligence of aroma. Their core belief is to avoid artificial fragrances, synthetic and all unnecessary ingredients in their products and to use only the most effective and essential ingredients.