[SAUPEI 收皮] 便攜布紙巾 Reusable Tissue Towel Pocket 3.0

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以棄置的高質棉布升級再造布紙巾,完全取代即棄紙巾 布紙巾 Pocket 3.0 輕巧又防水,垂直開口更易抽取,仲有隔層,可獨立存放用過嘅布紙巾,唔怕整污糟其他乾淨嘅布紙巾。簡易鈎扣想掛邊度都得。使用收皮防水遮袋餘料製作,自己餘料,自己處理。 - 垂直開口更易抽取 - 高度防水 - 超輕巧,連布紙巾重量僅35克 - 香港製造 - 配白色 20x20 cm 布紙巾 5 張 - 外袋尺寸:11.5 x11.5cm - 公價貨品,喜居之友會員恕無折扣優惠。 為何要選擇布紙巾? 香港每日消耗5500萬張紙巾,每年等同砍伐58萬棵樹!製造紙巾更污染大量水源,同時濫用紙巾更為環境帶來沉重負擔,香港每日棄置紙巾及抺手紙數量佔垃圾7%,與膠袋相同。不論抹手、抹嘴、抹枱通通順手一抽,不知不覺制造大量垃圾! 鼻敏感人士更係紙不離手,但紙巾的碎硝更可能加劇敏感,製造紙巾時為了美觀,更使用瑩光劑及其他化學成份,抹嘴同時,請你食埋! 關於收皮 Saupei: 香港升級再造的實用日常品 Upcycled in Hong Kong for the city's lifestyle ​ 設計就是解決問題,收皮 Saupei 的宗旨一直是解決城市的廢物和浪費問題 —— 城市有很多原本不應被捨棄的資源被浪費,直接送到堆填區,例如塑膠、飲品盒、舊竹及剩餘物料等。 ​收皮抱著人棄我取的精神,積極重造,以高質素的工藝賦予它們一個新生命,變成獨一無二的實用生活用品,讓大家簡單地實踐環保。 ​由成立而今,收皮設計的實用再造產品包括布紙巾和餐巾、布口罩、紙包飲品盒卡片套等,全部講求細節、實用及耐用。 In a size equivalent to a standard tissue paper, these towels are made from recycled cotton and are carefully folded and piled into a pocket just like regular tissue papers. More than soft and gentle on your skin Each pack includes 5 pieces of Tissue Towels and Pocket Size of Tissue Towels : 20 x 20 CM Why Reusable Tissue Towels? 55 million tissue papers are discarded in Hong Kong every day, meaning 580,000 trees being cut every year. The manufacturing process of tissue papers pollutes our water, while our excessive use of tissue papers is causing a significant burden to our landfill – disposable tissue papers and napkins occupy 7% of our landfill, almost as much as plastic bags. For many of us, it is intuitive to grab a tissue paper after washing hands, meals or for cleaning a table without knowing what we are causing to the environment. The case is even worse for those with nasal allergies – they live with tissue papers, while the tiny particles of tissue papers may worsen their symptoms. For tissue papers to look crisp white and clean, manufacturers often use fluorescent agents and other chemicals that will go down your throat as you wipe your mouth with them before you eat.

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