AQ 有機玫瑰透明質酸保濕精華 50ml

AQ 有機玫瑰透明質酸保濕精華 50ml

Aroma Quotient

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以全天然有機玫瑰花水配合透明質酸,鎖緊水份, 提供長效的保濕功能, 更能滋養膠原蛋白, 刺激其增生, 有效提升肌膚柔滑度及飽滿度。

To Use : Apply 2-3 drops on cleaned face, gently massage onto the entire face and neck area until absorbed. Mix 2-3 drops with Face Oil for mixing your own premium face cream for maximum care.

Active Ingredients : Organic Rose Otto Hydrosol; Hyaluronic Acid.