"Stagioni" 的創辦者Wallis經常遊走整個意大利尋覓高質食品。由於Wallis的丈夫是個意大利人,他與生俱來對食物的一絲不苛深深影響了她。透明度是他們選購食品的一個重要指標。Wallis和丈夫親自探訪農場,與生產者對話,了解其家族歷史,只因要保證食物美味之餘更要健康及安全。品牌名字"Stagioni"代表四季,意大利人做事有原則,只吃季節性的食物,以免破壞生態平衡。不同省份根據不同的地理環境都有得天獨厚的特產。巴里省(Bari)主要種植油橄欖、葡萄;西西里島(Sicilia)以蕃茄醬聞名;而摩德納(Modena)則出產香醋。Wallis希望把這些當地名產引入香港與大家分享。

Wallis並不止把"Stagioni" 視為一盤生意,她會找出相同價錢中最好的產品賣給顧客,希望以合理的價錢把地中海飲食帶入香港。地中海飲食是全球推廣的健康飲食模式,比起香港主張的少油飲食,地中海飲食習慣提倡攝入高品質的油。例如特級初榨橄欖油(Extra Virgin Olive Oil)中含有極高的單元不飽和脂肪,幫助降低體內的壞膽固醇,減低患心血管病。吃好醋也是意大利人的養生秘訣之一,葡萄醋具有延緩老化及抗癌功效。就算使用同一種葡萄,浸泡3年、8年,或用不同的木桶,甜度和酸度都能夠十分不同。值得一嘗。

Wallis, the founder of "Stagioni", travels throughout Italy to find high quality food. Wallis's husband is an Italian, and his innate taste for food has deeply affected her. Since transparency is important to their purchase of food, Wallis and her husband visit farms and talk to producers to understand their family history and food production. It ensures the food is delicious, healthy and safe at the same time. The brand name "Stagioni" stands for the four seasons. Italians have a principle of only eating seasonal foods so as not to damage the ecological balance. Different provinces have unique specialties according to their geographical environments. For instance, Bari mainly grows olives and grapes, Sicilia is famous for ketchup, and Modena produces balsamic vinegar. Wallis hopes to bring these local products to Hong Kong to share with you.

Wallis not only regards "Stagioni" as a business, she aims to find the best products at the right price point and for their customers, hoping to promote the Mediterranean diet in Hong Kong at an affordable price. The Mediterranean diet is a globally promoted healthy eating model that encourages the intake of high-quality oils compared to the less oily diet suggested by Hong Kong. For example, Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains extremely high levels of monounsaturated fat, which helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body and reduce cardiovascular disease. Vinegar drinking is also one of the Italian secrets to a health life, as grape vinegar has the effect of delaying aging and anti-cancer. Most interestingly, if you use the same type of grape to soak it for 3 years, 8 years, or use different barrels, the sweetness and acidity can be very different. It is worth a try.