這是一個的年輕人與香結下不解之緣的故事。90後的創辦人Max在大學修讀視覺藝術,讀書時期開始以香創作藝術品,在創業時,一邊不斷到台灣、日本、內地和尼泊爾參考各地及不同宗教的香文化。畢業後,便創立了「Okapi Studio」,是一家手製香公司。「Okapi Studio」在2015年成立,店名「Okapi」是一種稱「四不像」的非洲動物,意指公司的產品多元化,有嘗試的精神。「Okapi Studio」透過製作各種香類產品、開辦各種製香體驗班等活動,向大眾介紹香港的「香文化」的多面性,並傳達「取之天然,棄之天然」的訊息。

「Okapi Studio」的手造香種類繁多。手造香成份天然,並無添加劑,比起市面的香較不容易刺激人體,安全可靠。Max指,香的功能可分為兩類:實際類和寧靜類。可驅蚊的香例如艾草、香茅等被視為實際類;而用來淨化氣場的聖木、白鼠尾草則屬於寧靜類。不同人可根據不同需要,選擇合適的手造香。

This is a story about a young gentleman who forms an indissoluble bond with incense. Max, borns in 90s, studied visual art at the university. During the study, he began to create art with incense. He visited Taiwan, Japan, China and Nepal to absorb the culture of different places and different religions. After graduating, he founded "Okapi Studio", a hand-made incense company. "Okapi Studio" was established in 2015. The store name "Okapi" is an African animal that is neither fish nor fowl. It means that the company's products are diversified and have an experimental spirit.

"Okapi Studio" has a wide variety of hand-made incense. Those ingredients are natural, no additives, and are less likely to irritate than chemical incense. The functions of incense can be divided into two classes: practical and tranquil. Mosquito-repellent incense such as mugwort and lemongrass is regarded as the practical. Palo Santo and white sage are used to purify spirits and they belong to the tranquil. People can choose different incense according to their special needs.