Love our nature

「Love our nature」的創辦人Onie跟丈夫在數年前開始對永續生活產生興趣,便學習永續耕種和生活方式,閱讀相關書籍並開始學以致用,在家後的花園嘗試種植不同的蔬菜和香草。後來,Onie因皮膚變得極度敏感,發現很多市面上的護膚品牌都不再適合自己使用,便開始學起自製天然護膚品。料不到因此與中西花草藥學結下不解之緣,於是在花園裡嘗試種植艾草及當歸等不同植物,最後更創立自己品牌。

「Love our nature」憑著對每樣材料的嚴格要求和執著,拒絕一味添加精油的做法,採取更傳統的方法(例如花香萃取法、自家製純露),做出各款各有獨特性的護膚產品,比起市面上的產品更來得可貴。「Love our nature」用心出品,務求達到天然、安全、可靠,將心意傳達給使用者。

"Love Our Nature" founder Onie and her husband began to have an interest in sustainable life several years ago. They read related books and starting to apply what they learned by trying to grow different vegetables and herbs in the home garden.  Later, because OnieAs skin became extremely sensitive, she found that many skin care products on the market were no longer suitable for her own use, and she began to learn homemade natural skin care products. She tried to plant different plants such as mugwort and angelica in the garden, and gradually got interested in the Chinese and Western herbal medicines, and finally created her own brand.

"Love Our Nature" are very specific about the use of ingredient, reject the practice of adding essential oils, and adopted more traditional methods (such as floral extract, self-made pure dew) to make unique skin care products. Essentially this is greater value for money. "Love Our Nature" produce with care, and make natural, safe and reliable products.