Bella Sapone

Bella Sapone誕生於香港。Bella這個女孩懷揣著一個大大的夢想。她相信只要製作及使用天然的謢膚品和清潔品,地球便能走向永續。為了要好好守護地球,選擇清潔用品跟選擇食物一樣重要,因它們都會被身體吸收,經由血管進入我們體內,然後排出大海,最後回歸土地。

Bella Sapone用心地埋首製作,喚來很多愛自己、愛地球的有心人。很多同路人使用Bella的產品,有一群人更受Bella啟發,幫助她一同製作天然皂液,令更多人參與有機工作,保護本土經濟。Bella Sapone產品種類多元,包括:洗髮、沐浴、潔面、洗手、洗碗、洗衣,使我們可全方位實行永續生活。戶外護理系列還有嬰兒及小童適用的防蚊膏、止痕膏,當中提取的天然成份十分温和,是大自然給嬰兒呱呱墜地的第一份見面禮。

達到永續的生活模式後,我們慢慢便會感受到和地球建立了愛的連結。透過Bella Sapone的本地永續生產,我們希望更多朋友可以一起分享這份天然生活的喜悅。

Bella Sapone was born in Hong Kong. Bella is a girl with a big dream. She believes that as long as we make and use natural skin and cleansing products, the earth will be sustainable. In order to protect The Earth, choosing cleaning products is as important as choosing foods, because they are absorbed by the body, enter our bodies through blood vessels, then drain out of the sea, and finally return to the land.

Bella Sapone's diverse range of products includes: shampooing, bathing, facial cleansing, hand washing, dishwashing, and laundry. The outdoor care series includes insect repelling cream and anti-itch cream suitable for infants and children. The natural ingredients extract are very mild.

After reaching a sustainable lifestyle, we will spontaneously feel the connection with The Earth. Through the local sustainable production of Bella Sapone, we hope that more friends can share the joy of this natural life together.