Aroma Quotient

有一天,你把家中打理得一塵不染,陣陣香味令人聯想到乾淨的畫面。但是為甚麼你和家人還有皮膚痕癢、偏頭痛、鼻塞等過敏徵象呢?元兇可能是你常用的那支清潔劑!清潔劑的香氣可能是靠酞酸酯(Phthalates)來維持。長期地小劑量使用可能會引致過敏,並與某些癌症有關。「Aroma Quotient」創辦人Cecilia從事化學工作。因工作關係,她深知化學清潔劑的成份刺激性高,對人類有毒害,於是便決心辭工,鑽研天然清潔用品及個人護理用品。

IQ (Intelligence Quotient)和EQ (Emotional Quotient)可聽得多了,那品牌名稱「Aroma Quotient」指的到底是甚麼呢?其實,它中文可譯為「香薰的智慧」。顧名思義,「Aroma Quotient」的核心理念是採用全天然材料(例如香薰精油),製出無毒、散發天然香氣的產品,拒絕使用人造香料。有專為舒緩濕疹、乾燥和敏感肌膚而配製的Daily Body Oil;舒緩臉部不同狀態的花水;抗衰老、抗乾紋/細紋、抗暗瘡的Face Oil等。另外還有不同精油發售。產品從頭到腳,都能照顧你所需。

One day, you are cleaning at home, and you could smell decent detergent smell. Definitely the house is very clean now, but why do you and your family still have signs of allergies such as skin itching, migraine, and stuffy nose? The culprit may be the cleaner you use! Usually, the aroma of cleaners is maintained by Phthalates. It is proved that the long-term use of small doses of Phthalates may cause allergies and are associated with certain cancers. "Aroma Quotient" founder Cecilia was once work in chemical industry, she is well aware that the chemical cleansing ingredients are highly irritating and toxic to humans, so she decided to resign and delve into producing natural cleaning products and personal care products.

We have heard of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) for many times. So what is the brand name "Aroma Quotient" referring to? In fact, it means  "the wisdom of aroma". As the name suggests, "Aroma Quotient"'s core philosophy is to use all-natural materials (such as aromatherapy essential oils) to produce non-toxic, natural-scented products, and to refuse to use artificial flavors. Their Daily Body Oil is specially formulated to soothe eczema, dry and sensitive skin; Face Oil is made to be anti-aging, anti-fine lines, and anti-acne. There are also different essential oils for sale. From head to toe, the projects of "Aroma Quotient" can take care of your different needs.