Le Querce意大利有機阿爾卑斯山雪山百花蜂蜜 (200克/400克) Le Querce Organic Alpine Flowers Honey (200g/400g)

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SLOWFOOD 慢食認証之選 SLOWFOOD PRESIDIA 高山花蜜採自阿爾卑斯山脈上的野生百花蜜,每年的味道都是獨一無二的!何解?因為雪山上,每年有不同的花朵盛放,到夏秋之時,採蜜工人會上山採蜜,絕對是大自然為我們準備的禮物及驚喜。 產地:意大利皮埃蒙特 Organic Alpine Flowers Honey is born in the high mountains, between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont and is harvested in June. Only the nectar harvested above 1500 meters gives "high mountain" honey. For Alpine flower honey, there are so many plants involved: rhododendron, campanula, sainfoin, clover, raspberry, wild thyme... It's a splendid and delicate product, always different, from area to area and from one year to the next. Alpine flower honey is part of the SLOW FOOD PRESIDIUM - high mountain honeys: The Presidium aims to enhance and re-launch high mountain honeys, the fruit of the hard work of the beekeeper who moves nomadic among the mountain blooms, a practice, nomadism in the high mountains, now little practiced with productions always at risk and often more scarce than sedentary beekeeping, but which offers excellent products of the highest quality. Harvest period: June Consistency: a few months after harvest, depending on the type of nectars harvested, this product crystallizes in a uniform and pasty manner. It is a slow process which, over time, allows the grains and creaminess to be tested in relation to the set of plant varieties present in the area offered to the bees. Color: the nuance of this product varies from gold when crystallized to light amber, up to the color of a deep and sandy sunset, with pearly veins and soft liquid green tones. The discovery of the colors of flower honey from the Alps is different from year to year and reflects the set of nectars of the territory from which they are kidnapped. Flavour: Alpine flower honey gives the palate a set of memories: an embrace of monoflora honey flavors that give the possibility of savoring a unique and intense taste. From the tenuous character of the rhododendron to the pungent tone of the dandelion or to the characteristic soul of the thyme, up to the timid entry of short notes of honeydew. Aroma: a surprise even for the most expert, the honey that grows among the high mountain flowers amazes time after time, giving a varied and colorful bouquet to be collected in a jar. The aroma releases essences with different characters: an always unexpected, elegant and refined combination of aromas and flavors. Country of origin: Italy Area of ​​origin: Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta

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