Le Querce意大利有機洋槐蜜 (200克/400克)Le Querce Organic Acacia honey (200g/400g)

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洋槐蜜取自洋槐樹,屬於一種較清甜的蜂蜜,顏色比一般蜂蜜淺,甜而不膩,有洋槐獨有的清香,果糖比例高,可以用來替代糖。 洋槐花期很短,也容易受天氣影響,減低收成,所以市場上的洋槐蜜相對比較少有,屬於上等的蜂蜜。 產地:意大利皮埃蒙特 Piedmonte Organic acacia honey comes from an altitude range that extends from 200 to 500 m above sea level. It is collected in the woods of Piedmont in conjunction with the flowering of Robinia pseudoacacia , the plant whose white flowers give nectar to the bees in spring. April and May are the months in which this vegetable variety takes on a sweet and attractive aroma for the foraging bees who do not miss the opportunity to collect its nectar and pollen. Harvest period: April - May Consistency: It is a honey that remains liquid for a long time. The high content of fructose inside allows the product to mature with a very slow crystallization. Due to its high capacity to absorb water molecules present in the environment, it is defined as one of the most hygroscopic honeys and this is why it is advisable to keep it in low humidity environments and keep it away from direct heat sources. Color: Thanks to its consistency, it has a light gold shade, almost transparent to the eye. Taste:With a sweet and delicate character, acacia honey gives the palate a gentle reminder of the spirit of the sugared almond. In the mouth it leaves a silky aftertaste of sweet almond and a note of vanilla. Its flavor allows you to sweeten dishes and drinks without altering their taste. Aroma: Once opened, the acacia honey gives the nose a light fragrance of spring flowers. The perfume recalls the smell of wax and the encounter between smell and taste reveals a recognizable vanilla sugared almond flavor on the palate. Place of origin: Piedmont in Italy